Data Services

Data Services

Managing your data can prove to be a complex and sometimes daunting task. Staying abreast of technological trends while ensuring your data remains accurate, consistent, and secure requires diving into the day-to-day minutiae, which often takes away from the strategic focus your company needs to thrive.

At Communications Management Group, our job is to create a practical roadmap for reaching your business goals. Through our technology services alignment model, we can help you identify and implement the data solutions that work best for your company. Read on to learn what your company can achieve with our carefully-vetted network of telecom and data management service providers.


Through our trusted vendors, CMGroup offers a comprehensive array of broadband solutions to keep your business well-connected at all times.


Enjoy powerful cable network solutions with guaranteed reliability and performance.

IP Optimization

An effective IP optimization solution brings with it new opportunities to enhance flexibility and scalability while promoting high-ROI savings and efficiency.


Integrating ATM technology into your current network can give your business an advantage when it comes to handling high-bandwidth, high-speed needs. We can walk you through the alignment process and pair your business with the right service provider.


CMGroup offers intelligent analysis of your company’s data demands. We can give you a better understanding of your fiber network options and how they can shape your approach to crucial purchasing decisions.

Private Line

A reliable, dedicated connection that’s not shared with anyone outside your business can play a major role in your roadmap to success. Rely on CMGroup to walk you through the implementation and management process, including selecting the right vendor and exploring further options that can benefit your strategic needs.


An effective MPLS solution could hold the key to successful convergence of voice and video data. Let CMGroup help you find the solution that best fits your business’s needs.


CMGroup can also work with you to bring software-defined networking solutions into the fold, giving your business the tools it can use to tackle costs and eliminate inefficiencies.

Contact us today to learn what the experts at CMGroup can do for your data-driven business.

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